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I've been writing poetry from the age of 12. It has, and always will be my outlet, my voice. Join me on my journey . . . I can write about almost anything. :) ~ Life doesn't come with a shiny new book; no users manual of answers to find with one look. Life comes with doors that open and shut; and paths laid before us to be followed or passed up. There's things we can learn and things we may teach; hearts that may find us and souls we may reach. Guaranteed on this journey are teacups of tears; and pains that might hurt us may age us by years. But the beauty of life, love, laughter and giving; come from serving hugs on a platter each and every day we're living. ~

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sometimes we give so much,
that for just a moment,
we are empty inside.
It's wonderful to reach out.
To embrace and give,
with your very heart and soul.
To pour yourself in;
to fill a vast void in someone,
and to help them heal.
The feeling that comes from this,
from being there for someone;
it touches like none other.
At the same time though,
one must be careful
not to become too empty.
Because nothing at all
can come from nothing.
So when you feel that feeling
of emptiness inside,
take a breath or two.
Refocus, regroup and refill.
Then give again.

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