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I've been writing poetry from the age of 12. It has, and always will be my outlet, my voice. Join me on my journey . . . I can write about almost anything. :) ~ Life doesn't come with a shiny new book; no users manual of answers to find with one look. Life comes with doors that open and shut; and paths laid before us to be followed or passed up. There's things we can learn and things we may teach; hearts that may find us and souls we may reach. Guaranteed on this journey are teacups of tears; and pains that might hurt us may age us by years. But the beauty of life, love, laughter and giving; come from serving hugs on a platter each and every day we're living. ~

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haiku: Hazel Eyes

Hazel turns to green~
As you gaze into my eyes~
Evening moonlight~

#haiku words per Jade....
1.hazel 2.evening 3.gaze

Haiku: Brick Road

A shower of light~
Lights the brick road I travel~
From the orange sun~

1. Orange 2. Brick 3. Shower
(#Haiku Words courtesy of Mark!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Haiku: Journey

This journey we walk~
An eclipse of emotions~
They mark on our soul~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.mark 2.journey 3.eclipse

Haiku: Jaded

Innocence jaded~
My heart is a beating muscle~
With fragile petals~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.muscle 2.innocence 3.petals

Just Breathe

I wipe tears from my eyes~
Sigh a little sigh~
I know what is~
I know how I'd like things to be~
I know what I can't change~
So I just breathe~


Over yonder~
Beyond the clear blue sky~
Lies a place~
Where u don't ask why~
You just sit~
Look and see~
Simply let it all just be~

Haiku: Little Fishes

Swim little fishes~
Along the shore of living~
Healthy in the bay~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.swim 2.shore 3.healthy

Haiku: Heartstrings

Melodic heartstrings~
Leaving your thumbprint on me~
No limit to this love~

Re:@Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame (thumbprint/heartstrings/limit)

Haiku: Hope Whispers

With my scope on hope~
Gently whisper through my fears~
This, they say, shall pass~

(@Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame 1.gently 2.whisper 3.scope

Sick of Sad

Sick of being sad~
I don't want to be mad~
I wanna smile for a while~
Take a bath...walk a mile~

Haiku: Eternal Love

My heart beats faster~
Our love burns eternally~
With every breath~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.burns 2.eternally

Haiku: Crohn's Monster

I wish I could soothe~
This real painful Crohn's Monster~
Can I calm your soul?~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.soothe 2.soul 3.real

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Haiku: Violet

The violet hidden~
Lost behind overgrown grass~
Blowing in the wind~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame

Haiku: Nurture Love

Like you nurture plants~
Nurture love & watch it grow~
Then dance through loves fields~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame

Haiku: New Year Blessings

The grace of the Lord~
Shall guide me through a new year~
I'm counting blessings~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame 2.year 3.blessings

Haiku: Chip on your Shoulder

That chip we carry ~
Time to let it rest for good ~
Gain eternal peace ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame ( 2.chip 3.eternal)

Haiku: Moonlight Dreams

Don't keep it hidden ~
Let it glow in the moonlight ~
Embrace your own dream ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame (embrace/moonlight/hidden)

Haiku: Chartreuse

I love how fragrant ~
Yellow, now green of chartreuse ~
My senses excite ~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame ( 2.excite 3.chartreuse)

Stockings Await

Crackling logs & beautiful flames ~
A fiscus tree of Christmas lights ~
Mantel with green shiny garland ~
Stockings awaiting delights ~

Calm Waters

Looking for calm waters during a windy storm.
Wishing some peace for all.

Wanting my child to break his norm
and learn to stand honest and tall.

Comfort Scents

Cooking away the chaos ~
Soothing with savory scents ~
Beef stew fresh from the crock pot ~
Peanut butter fudge firming as it sets ~

Good Night Moon

Good-night moon ~
Good-night stars ~
Good-night drums ~
Good-night guitars ~

Haiku: Snowman

A man made of snow ~
Can you see he has no feet? ~
And fence posts for arms ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame (1.snow 2.fence 3.feet)

Haiku: Rebirth

Death is a rebirth ~
You wake into a new world ~
Heaven is brilliant ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
(1.wake 2.death 3.brilliant)

Haiku: Love Dance

I beg your favor ~
In the form of a love dance ~
A tenderly spin ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
(1.favor 2.tenderly 3.spin)

Haiku: Cherish

This festive season . . .
Reminding us of those passed . . .
We cherish today . . .

Haiku: Daddy's Gone

Memories of him . . .
Daddy's gone but yet he lives . . .
Always in my heart . . .

Haiku: Kitty Cat

Curled up on my lap ~
Dozing with a little smile ~
Sleeping kitty cat ~

Haiku: Forest Waltz

Listen to the wind ~
On a waltz through the forest ~
Whistling softly ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
(1.forest 2.listen 3.waltz)

Haiku: Thanksgiving

My heart is thankful . . .
Full of love, life and laughter . . .
Blessings everywhere . . .

Haiku: The Heart of a Rose

Full blooms seldom seen . . .
Petals lifted in splendor . . .
The heart of a rose . . .

(1.seldom 2.lifted 3.petals)

Standing Strong

The sun is shining.
I see no rain.
Inside I'm restless.
Trying to contain.
Emotions abound.
Things will be.
Standing strong.
Pain or glee.

Haiku: Wings of Hope

Plummet gracefully . . .
On the wings of hope and love . . .
Then fly to the sky

(1.plummet 2.wings 3.gracefully)

Smile through Tears

Smile through tears . . .
Hug through pain . . .
Laugh through troubles . . .
And peace you'll gain . . .

Haiku: Cowboy

I saw him amble . . .
In the wind blown dusky eve . . .
Whistling a song . . .


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

People Watching

                        Picture from Google Images

In a crowd of people passing
to my left and to my right,
I see so many faces
with expressions dark and bright.

Entertainment comes from
people watching all around.
Some people with their heads in clouds,
or tripping on the ground.

Little children laughing
with hardly a care at all.
Boys at play with bat and ball,
or girls with baby doll.

Moms wiping toddlers dirty hands
as they gossip with soccer moms.
Dads holding their noses tight
as the pick up doggie doodoo bombs.

Teens with hair all spiked up,
orange, pink, blue and green.
Noses pierced or maybe lips
or any other skin pierce-able scene.

People of all ages with special ink
and tattoos that mean so much.
A memorial tat, a portrait,
all gifts of an artists magical touch.

Couples fighting over money,
or a maybe a lack thereof.
An old man who still loves his wife,
holding her hand and giving her a hug.

Toddlers throwing fits in Wal-Mart,
and moms holding their ground.
Kids being respectful in public,
even when their parents aren't around.

People come in many forms
with personalities unique.
If you get a chance to people watch,
sit back quiet-like and take a peek. 


The prompt from @writingprompt was: People Watching

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The U in You

ABC and 123 are all most common and often heard,
the first numbers and letters that in kindergarten we learned.

Remember in school they'd call your name alphabetically?
If the prize was sweet and we started with A, we'd celebrate with glee.

But if we were U like Ursula, you waited and waited and yawned.
And when your time finally came the best was usually gone.

But if instead we start at the end and not at the beginning,
there'd be a chance for UVW and 1 million and 3 to be grinning.

Prompted by Poets United: The Thursday ThinkTank: "The 3rd letter of your first name"

My first name is Lauri so the 3rd letter is U!!!

My poem is short and sweet and pays honor to the numbers and letters and the end, not the beginning.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dr. Chocolate's Rx

In a world full of chocolate you may favor a treat.
Dark chocolate may grab your taste buds by the seat..
Melted over strawberries and sweet coconut;
or peanuts, or almonds, or any other tasty nut.

Or maybe instead, dark chocolate doesn't do,
maybe, just maybe, milk chocolates for you.
Drizzled on cake, or a simple candy bar;
handy candy on the go, to eat in your car.

Now others, still others, prefer something light;
not milk chocolate or dark, instead something white.
White cholcolate covered crispies made out of rice;
and white chocolate dipped cookies, now isn't that nice?

No matter how you melt it or bake it up too,
chocolate may bring great comfort to you.
A chocolate Rx, a tasty treat for the tummy,
chocolate, dear chocolate, you are so very yummy!


Created poetry by Lauri Halterman (c) 2011 for Poets United Thursday Think Tank: CHOCOLATE!