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I've been writing poetry from the age of 12. It has, and always will be my outlet, my voice. Join me on my journey . . . I can write about almost anything. :) ~ Life doesn't come with a shiny new book; no users manual of answers to find with one look. Life comes with doors that open and shut; and paths laid before us to be followed or passed up. There's things we can learn and things we may teach; hearts that may find us and souls we may reach. Guaranteed on this journey are teacups of tears; and pains that might hurt us may age us by years. But the beauty of life, love, laughter and giving; come from serving hugs on a platter each and every day we're living. ~

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Magnificent Mama Mary

Our sweet Mama Mary, was not contrary,
in fact ~ she was rather divine.
She was teacher, mother, student, hugger;
A special friend of yours and mine.

Her time on Earth was way too short;
yet, in fact, it was longer though too;
for she was told twenty years ago,
"Your heart is almost through with you".

Yet, with a whole lot of faith, she persevered;
I'd venture to say she was even blessed.
That doesn't mean her life was easy,
but she tried to see life at its very best.

When she was still able to run and play,
she loved to entertain all in a game.
Young, or old . . . or so I've been told,
she always remembered your name.

She called so many her cherished children,
and others were sisters, loved from the start.
While some of these were by luck of blood,
others were dear by choice of the heart.

She loved good food, comfort so good;
and worshiping . . . not just on Sunday.
Singing out praise til the end of her days,
a day filled with God was a fun day.

She'd rather us smile than cry now,
though our life was so blessed with her graces.
Her beauty now shines in the pretty white clouds,
where she's surrounded by heavenly faces.


Rest in peace my sweet Mama Mary
Mary Olcott (10-15-1946 to 12-10-2011)

I wrote this about Mama Mary on the morning she got her wings....

A beautiful woman just got her wings and sits beside Jesus now. My sweet Mama soul+sister (my bestie Connie Lueke's Mama) just lost her fight to live.

I went to see Mary & Connie within the last 2 months. We thought she was close to going then. She got a last gift of life.

Mama Mary & I texted each other almost daily until 5 days ago. I would send her a 'Good Morning Mama'...and send her a bible verse. She would respond with, 'Good Morning my little ladybug'. She inspired me. Our souls connected.

I told her I wanted to write my life story, to touch people & share their stories too. She encouraged me. Said she wanted to read it, so get started. So I did. I wrote 7 pages......and sent it to her....typed in a nice big font. Connie printed it for her. She read it and loved, it encouraging me. I typed up 7 more pages in one day....they've been sent, but she never got a chance to read. (I found out later she did in fact read the last pages....)

Its ok Mama, I got you the beginning, just like I promised. Please remember I love touched my heart in so many ways I never expected. You were a bonus Mom to me....for 2 months. Yes, I've known u longer...but I'll never forget these last 2 months or the inspiration you shared.

Mama, may you rest in peace, celebrating w God, Jesus & the angels.

I will always remember.... 'I can all things through Christ who strengthens me' ... Just like you taught me. I listened Mama. I've grown because of you.

I miss you so much already...I will cherish every text message & the one voice mail I'm lucky to have.

Please hug my daddy in heaven....

I'll love you always, and share your story in my book.

I never know when tears may fall. I inherited a certain 'toughness' from my parents that sometimes presents itself at times like this.

Today it fails tears run down my cheeks.

Its ok.

I want to cry...

I welcome the tears, mourning...yet celebrating a very blessed soul.


"Good Morning Mama...I love you. You can just speak to my soul now...I'll listen....."


"I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me"
Philippians 4:13

I love you and miss you Mama....

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Christmas Soldier

The Christmas Soldier

You fight the fight that others won’t
Make sacrifices that others don’t
Its Christmas time and you’re far from home
During this Holiday Season you’re feeling alone

Its times like this you need to hear
Support from the Country that you hold dear
So we take this time to let you know
You have people who know the lengths you go

To stand up for your Country and for Peace
For the terrorized people to find relief
So know you are loved and that we care
And we’re thinking of you all over there

May God bless you and keep you all safe!!!

(c) Lauri Halterman – 12/05/2008

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Broken Promises

A promise is a tricky thing.
You can make it and you can keep it,
but you can’t change it without breaking it.

It’s perception really.
How it’s viewed by all.
Each view carries a life of its own
and each view has its own truth,
even when there are opposing other truths.
Many conflicting truths may exist.
This does not make them less true…
…or more so either.

In many cases, a promise is made
with the grandest intentions.
Rarely with the thought of ever breaking it
because if that were the case, why make it at all?

Then again, there are emotions.
They have their role in it all,
a rather major role really.
They make us who we are.
They lead us down roads.

And then we find things change.

We change—we evolve—we devolve.

Then what happens to these promises?
To these broken promises?

They change—they evolve—they devolve.

Then we find we truly don’t know what else to do.
So we pause to pat ourselves on the back,
for no reason other than—because!

Then we do what only we can do,
we keep the biggest promise of all.

We go on—we don’t give up—we start again.

No broken promises—not this one.

Be true to me—that is what we do.

11/19/2010 Posted at d'Verse Poets Pub -

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Majestic Mansion

                          Image by Dirk Juergensen

Jules starred into the vast distance.
The old, majestic Mansion loomed ahead.
The tree lined lane was filled with brush, and limbs and death.
Those limbs had shaded that lane for many a generation.
Jules removed his hat and shook his head.
He was filed with dread.

Jules bit his lip and uttered a silent prayer.
It had been too long since he'd journeyed this way.
He had been young and dumb, full of himself and full of stubborn pride.
But then, so were many men of his generation.
He'd been gone now for many a day.
Lived his life, had his way.

Jules thought long and hard and closed his eyes.
He heard the sound of the rippling waves and birds crying.
His mind wandered to another time and place.
Before he grew too big for all of this.
Before loved ones started dying.
Before rumors started flying.

He lost track and he floated through that time.
The rowboat slowly cracked into a huge old tree.
He snapped back to today; to this time and this place.
He gently guided the boat through the waters.
The old Mississippi had been set free.
Overcome its banks and made all this mess you see.

Now Jules family homestead loomed ahead.
What used to be a tree-lined lane was now a lake.
He only hoped the family he'd run from . . . was here for him to rescue.
It had taken him years to get here, he needed them to be here.
He had things he needed to say, amends he needed to make.
He only hoped it wasn't too late.

He pulled the rowboat close to the familiar old gate.
His hands shook as he pulled the boat close and tied it tight.
This was the moment of truth, the moment he'd been hiding from.
Why did he wait until this catastrophe of nature to come calling?
He used his fingers to cross his forehead, an old Catholic right.
He hadn't done it in years, but right now it felt right.

Jules jumped out of the boat into the cold, clammy water.
It took his breathe away as his heart started to race.
He almost lost his balance but used the gate to steady himself.
He lumbered forward trying to keep calm, trying to keep faith.
The water was deeper than he had thought, almost to his waist.
He did not know if he was ready for what he might face.

He made it to the front door, slightly cracked open.
He looked up into the northern window, to the place that Mama was kept.
Was that a candle in the window, or a figment of his imagination?
He was born in that room, and his Mama had died in that room.
He cried silent tears for the woman he had never met.
He made his way to that room, saw his father and wept.


prompted from a photo prompt at @MyWordWizard

Also posted at:
11.6.2011 Poetry Pantry Week 74
11.29.2001 dVerse Open Link Night

Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Me

Random.                              Like         me.                           Sometimes   silly.        
                      Other     times         Smart.               Sometimes I'm a lady.            
    Sometimes . . .                                                                         Not so much.
                                                  I've been know to cuss.
And when you least expect it,  I'll let out a fart.                     Nonetheless . . .

        I'm most known for my                                  heart.

                    And being

a lover of hugs.                     oh, yes.          
                                                                    And ladybugs . . .

                                                                  Now, tell me about . . . .                      


10.20.11 Created from a Prompt at dVerse Poets Pub - FormForAll – Etherees, Shape & Concrete Poems

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don’t know what to write about
but write I’ll do the same.
It’s time I wrote a poem or two
but nothing calls out by name.

Then that’s what I’ll write about,
nothing and nothing more.
Time to honor nothingness,
and the wisdom behind its door.

Enter gently into this dark night
of not a thing to be or see,
where nothing lies beyond the bend
to suddenly frighten or hinder me.

Nothing to take away my light
or brighten my darkest day,
nothing to tease and taunt me
then just as suddenly go away.

So nothingness, I salute you
for letting me simply be—
no more, no less, under duress
and undefined by destiny.

The Versatile Blogger Award

The ever sweet and kind blogger and fabulous poet Carrie Burtt of Hope Whispers was kind enough to give me The Versatile Blogger Award on her blog.

I'm not as active as some of you but when I do blog my poetry I truly appreciate those who stop by, read and comment. I truly value every interaction I'm granted in the blogosphere. Modern technology can be a beautiful blessing. Its brought so many wonderful people into my life and me into theirs. :)

Thank you for this award Carrie! :)

The rules of this award are:

1. Thank the person that gave you this award, and link back to his/her blog.
2. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award, and notify them about the nomination. (I'm doing 5 - such a rule breaker! )
3. Finally, tell  readers 7 things about yourself.

My Nominations are:

Hope Whispers The blog title speaks it all!! Such an amazing person. 

Poets United A place for poetry prompts! I love this place! Robert Lloyd and many fabulous poets. 
dVerse Poets Pub I stumbled upon this wonderful place for Poets and Open Link Night! Its a Poetic Pub! Love it!
Writing Vice Versa A new writing prompt place for contradictory word prompts by Robert Lloyd! 
Heather-N-Company One of the sweetest redheads I've ever know! I love this lady!

And now.....

 7 Random Things about me!

  1. I rolled a car was a race-car! I was 19 and racing on an oval dirt track in NM. I would not want to be in a roll over without a 5 point harness, a helmet and a fire retardant race suit!
  2. I have 8 tattoo's. Got my first when I was about 30. Each one means something. They help me express myself. Visual poetry on my skin. My biggest is a portrait of my father who passed away in 2009 at 59 years young.
  3. I have only one mother but many women I love like a mother. :)
  4. My great-grandfather Frank DoBell was instrumental in the discovery and art of polishing Petrified Wood
  5. Another Great Grandfather was said to have taken care of The James Brothers (Jesse James) horses in Kansas during their time.
  6. I am a published poet! Alaurilee: Rhymes of a Random Soul! 
  7. I am a proud Mamaw (yes, I'm 40 and a Mamaw. I love it!) to 3 grand-babies. I love being a grandma!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Perilous Tranquility

Perilous in your tranquility?
How totally absurd!
The two cannot exist as one,
I don't care what you've heard!

One means this and one means that,
and together they mean even less.
Put the two together as one,
and soon you'll define yourself into a mess.

This becomes that, and that becomes this,
and nothing makes any sense anymore.
Anxieties breed and confusions then lead
whats left of your sanity right out that door.

Secure in nothing and numb to it all,
obsessive emotions paralyzing your flow. 
Keep playing tricks with opposites,
and you'll clearly have nowhere to go.


Prompted by a post at Writing Vice Versa 004 -
Using the following 4 words:


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Haiku: Chaos


                           Photo from Google Images

Chaos runs rampant~
There is no right or wrong now~
I still pray for peace~

RT @Pookandgrace: #haikuwordgame
1.right 2.rampant 3.peace

Haiku: Fall Colors


                                           Photo from Google Images

The colors of fall~
A beautiful scarf of silk~
Ochre yellow hue~

RT @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.fall 3.ochre

Haiku: Elegant Phantom


                     Photo from Google Images

Memories swirl~
Floating like an ancient ghost~
Elegant phantom~

RT: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.swirl 2.ghost 3.elegant

Haiku: Seashells


A chain of events~
A clueless search for seashells~
A tour! Shells! Success!~

RT @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame

Haiku: Prophecies


Prophecies rise up~
Seasons come and then they go~
Lifes ember remains~

RT @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.rise 2.seasons 3.ember

Haiku: Cupids Arrow

Dodge cupids arrow~
Miss out on angels on Earth~
Love is a delight~

RT @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 2.angel 3.delight

Haiku: Treats

A pocket of dough ~
And an apple sliced just so ~
A fine treat to eat ~

RT @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.fine 2.pocket

Haiku: Resolve

My voice of reason ~
Crashes into the ocean ~
My resolve disolves ~

RT @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.voice 2.reason 3.ocean

Haiku: Tantrum

Switch that tantrum, quick~
I say, young man, get a grip~
Quick, bring me a smile~

RT @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame

Haiku: Thriller

Deal of the decade ~
Dust covered Thriller album ~
Then dance baby, dance ~

RT @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 2.thriller 3.dust

Haiku: Communion

Communion of souls ~
Gathering in the tepee ~
Sharing of fry bread! ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.communion 2.soul 3.tepee

Haiku: Persuassion

I hear you whisper ~
Paragon of persuassion ~
And I softly bow ~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame
1.whisper 2.softly 3.paragon

Haiku: Waves

The ardent spirit ~
Of waves washing upon shore ~
Lapping, then retreat ~

Re @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame

1.shore 2.spirit 3.ardent

Haiku: Angels

The passion of love ~
For the Angels we have lost ~
Flutters in our heart ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame

1.flutter 2.angel 3.passion

Haiku: Silence

Ponder the silence ~
As life slowly ebbs away ~
A vase full of ash ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame

1.ebb 2.vase 3.silence

Haiku: Web of Lies

The web of lies told~
Deflection leads to suspense~
Lies are never good~

Re @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame


Haiku: Ink Tales

Tales of the divine ~
The ink on my skin tells tales ~
Stories of my life ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 2.tales 3.divine

Haiku: Pride

Fulfill potential ~
Take a breath and swallow pride ~
And you shall do well ~

Re @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame

1.well 2.potential 3.swallow

Haiku: Distraction

That brick on your back ~
A distraction you carry ~
Quick....tap it away ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.tap 2.distraction 3.brick

Haiku: Winter Solstice

The Winter solstice ~
Debuts with style and pizazz ~
As the lovers dance ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 2.pizazz 3.solstice

Haiku: Love or Money

To have...not to have ~
Post your or money ~
Simple...I chose love ~

Re @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 3.simple

Haiku: Ashes Remain

Old love forsaken ~
A line is not crossed again ~
Yet ashes remain ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.line 2.ashes 3.forsaken

Haiku: Art of Beauty

Stylists create~
Tendrils of face framing curls ~
The art of beauty~

RE: Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.create 3.tendrils

Haiku: Crescent Moon

The crescent moon blooms~
Indulge the full moon night-light~
And the beast shall roam~

RE @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame

Haiku: Shutter Shots

Camera shutter clicks~
Never too late in pictures~
Memories travel~

RE @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.late 2.shutter

Haiku: The Flow

In between the space~
Of everything and nothing~
Lives the gentle flow~

RE: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 2.gentle 3.flow

Haiku: Poetry

Using poetry~
I retrieve thought after thought~
A vision of life~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame
1.retrieve 2.poetry

Haiku: Natures Lullaby

The mellow marsh sounds~
Frogs, gators, insects, and birds~
Natures lullaby~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame 1.marsh 2.mellow 3.frogs

Haiku: Raindrops

Raindrops fall like tears~
Yet the strongest persevere~
And the river flows~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.strong 2.raindrops 3.river

Haiku: Bakers Delight

Time to bake the bread~
A bakers delicate touch~
Warm butter - Heaven!~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.bread 2.delicate 3.time

Haiku: Temple of Peace

A temple of peace~
Pyramid meditation~
Blossom oh my soul~

Re: Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.temple 2.pyramid 3.blossom

Haiku: Garden

Garden of beauty~
Plumlike taste of persimmon~
Pleasure will follow~

Re @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.follow 2.persimmon

Haiku: Inner Peace

I vow to let go~
Ride the wave of inner peace~
Let go of this fear~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame (1.vow 2.fear 3.wave) #poetry

Haiku: Lifes Jungle

This mystery - life!~
A jungle all around you~
And within as well~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.within 2.mystery 3.jungle

Soul Cleansing

Pray, meditate, yoga - repeat~
Cleansing my soul - head to feet~
Smile therapy, hugs and compassion~
Healing myself in a spiritual fashion~

Peaceful Dreams

Headed to sleep on angels wings,
praying for calm & peaceful dreams.
Wishing you all the same as well
and hoping tomorrow turns out swell.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haiku: Hazel Eyes

Hazel turns to green~
As you gaze into my eyes~
Evening moonlight~

#haiku words per Jade....
1.hazel 2.evening 3.gaze

Haiku: Brick Road

A shower of light~
Lights the brick road I travel~
From the orange sun~

1. Orange 2. Brick 3. Shower
(#Haiku Words courtesy of Mark!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Haiku: Journey

This journey we walk~
An eclipse of emotions~
They mark on our soul~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.mark 2.journey 3.eclipse

Haiku: Jaded

Innocence jaded~
My heart is a beating muscle~
With fragile petals~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
1.muscle 2.innocence 3.petals

Just Breathe

I wipe tears from my eyes~
Sigh a little sigh~
I know what is~
I know how I'd like things to be~
I know what I can't change~
So I just breathe~


Over yonder~
Beyond the clear blue sky~
Lies a place~
Where u don't ask why~
You just sit~
Look and see~
Simply let it all just be~

Haiku: Little Fishes

Swim little fishes~
Along the shore of living~
Healthy in the bay~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.swim 2.shore 3.healthy

Haiku: Heartstrings

Melodic heartstrings~
Leaving your thumbprint on me~
No limit to this love~

Re:@Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame (thumbprint/heartstrings/limit)

Haiku: Hope Whispers

With my scope on hope~
Gently whisper through my fears~
This, they say, shall pass~

(@Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame 1.gently 2.whisper 3.scope

Sick of Sad

Sick of being sad~
I don't want to be mad~
I wanna smile for a while~
Take a bath...walk a mile~

Haiku: Eternal Love

My heart beats faster~
Our love burns eternally~
With every breath~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.burns 2.eternally

Haiku: Crohn's Monster

I wish I could soothe~
This real painful Crohn's Monster~
Can I calm your soul?~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame 1.soothe 2.soul 3.real

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Haiku: Violet

The violet hidden~
Lost behind overgrown grass~
Blowing in the wind~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame

Haiku: Nurture Love

Like you nurture plants~
Nurture love & watch it grow~
Then dance through loves fields~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame

Haiku: New Year Blessings

The grace of the Lord~
Shall guide me through a new year~
I'm counting blessings~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame 2.year 3.blessings

Haiku: Chip on your Shoulder

That chip we carry ~
Time to let it rest for good ~
Gain eternal peace ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame ( 2.chip 3.eternal)

Haiku: Moonlight Dreams

Don't keep it hidden ~
Let it glow in the moonlight ~
Embrace your own dream ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame (embrace/moonlight/hidden)

Haiku: Chartreuse

I love how fragrant ~
Yellow, now green of chartreuse ~
My senses excite ~

Re: @Pookandgrace #Haikuwordgame ( 2.excite 3.chartreuse)

Stockings Await

Crackling logs & beautiful flames ~
A fiscus tree of Christmas lights ~
Mantel with green shiny garland ~
Stockings awaiting delights ~

Calm Waters

Looking for calm waters during a windy storm.
Wishing some peace for all.

Wanting my child to break his norm
and learn to stand honest and tall.

Comfort Scents

Cooking away the chaos ~
Soothing with savory scents ~
Beef stew fresh from the crock pot ~
Peanut butter fudge firming as it sets ~

Good Night Moon

Good-night moon ~
Good-night stars ~
Good-night drums ~
Good-night guitars ~

Haiku: Snowman

A man made of snow ~
Can you see he has no feet? ~
And fence posts for arms ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame (1.snow 2.fence 3.feet)

Haiku: Rebirth

Death is a rebirth ~
You wake into a new world ~
Heaven is brilliant ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
(1.wake 2.death 3.brilliant)

Haiku: Love Dance

I beg your favor ~
In the form of a love dance ~
A tenderly spin ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
(1.favor 2.tenderly 3.spin)

Haiku: Cherish

This festive season . . .
Reminding us of those passed . . .
We cherish today . . .

Haiku: Daddy's Gone

Memories of him . . .
Daddy's gone but yet he lives . . .
Always in my heart . . .

Haiku: Kitty Cat

Curled up on my lap ~
Dozing with a little smile ~
Sleeping kitty cat ~

Haiku: Forest Waltz

Listen to the wind ~
On a waltz through the forest ~
Whistling softly ~

Re: @Pookandgrace: #Haikuwordgame
(1.forest 2.listen 3.waltz)

Haiku: Thanksgiving

My heart is thankful . . .
Full of love, life and laughter . . .
Blessings everywhere . . .

Haiku: The Heart of a Rose

Full blooms seldom seen . . .
Petals lifted in splendor . . .
The heart of a rose . . .

(1.seldom 2.lifted 3.petals)

Standing Strong

The sun is shining.
I see no rain.
Inside I'm restless.
Trying to contain.
Emotions abound.
Things will be.
Standing strong.
Pain or glee.

Haiku: Wings of Hope

Plummet gracefully . . .
On the wings of hope and love . . .
Then fly to the sky

(1.plummet 2.wings 3.gracefully)

Smile through Tears

Smile through tears . . .
Hug through pain . . .
Laugh through troubles . . .
And peace you'll gain . . .

Haiku: Cowboy

I saw him amble . . .
In the wind blown dusky eve . . .
Whistling a song . . .


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

People Watching

                        Picture from Google Images

In a crowd of people passing
to my left and to my right,
I see so many faces
with expressions dark and bright.

Entertainment comes from
people watching all around.
Some people with their heads in clouds,
or tripping on the ground.

Little children laughing
with hardly a care at all.
Boys at play with bat and ball,
or girls with baby doll.

Moms wiping toddlers dirty hands
as they gossip with soccer moms.
Dads holding their noses tight
as the pick up doggie doodoo bombs.

Teens with hair all spiked up,
orange, pink, blue and green.
Noses pierced or maybe lips
or any other skin pierce-able scene.

People of all ages with special ink
and tattoos that mean so much.
A memorial tat, a portrait,
all gifts of an artists magical touch.

Couples fighting over money,
or a maybe a lack thereof.
An old man who still loves his wife,
holding her hand and giving her a hug.

Toddlers throwing fits in Wal-Mart,
and moms holding their ground.
Kids being respectful in public,
even when their parents aren't around.

People come in many forms
with personalities unique.
If you get a chance to people watch,
sit back quiet-like and take a peek. 


The prompt from @writingprompt was: People Watching

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The U in You

ABC and 123 are all most common and often heard,
the first numbers and letters that in kindergarten we learned.

Remember in school they'd call your name alphabetically?
If the prize was sweet and we started with A, we'd celebrate with glee.

But if we were U like Ursula, you waited and waited and yawned.
And when your time finally came the best was usually gone.

But if instead we start at the end and not at the beginning,
there'd be a chance for UVW and 1 million and 3 to be grinning.

Prompted by Poets United: The Thursday ThinkTank: "The 3rd letter of your first name"

My first name is Lauri so the 3rd letter is U!!!

My poem is short and sweet and pays honor to the numbers and letters and the end, not the beginning.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dr. Chocolate's Rx

In a world full of chocolate you may favor a treat.
Dark chocolate may grab your taste buds by the seat..
Melted over strawberries and sweet coconut;
or peanuts, or almonds, or any other tasty nut.

Or maybe instead, dark chocolate doesn't do,
maybe, just maybe, milk chocolates for you.
Drizzled on cake, or a simple candy bar;
handy candy on the go, to eat in your car.

Now others, still others, prefer something light;
not milk chocolate or dark, instead something white.
White cholcolate covered crispies made out of rice;
and white chocolate dipped cookies, now isn't that nice?

No matter how you melt it or bake it up too,
chocolate may bring great comfort to you.
A chocolate Rx, a tasty treat for the tummy,
chocolate, dear chocolate, you are so very yummy!


Created poetry by Lauri Halterman (c) 2011 for Poets United Thursday Think Tank: CHOCOLATE!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Angel Sunshine - In Memory of Angel Gail Watson

Our Angel Sunshine
(to the tune of 'You Are My Sunshine'. Angels Favorite Song

Our Angel Sunshine, our Angel Sunshine—
you’ve brought such happiness to us.
For seven years now, we’ve grown to love you—
and our lives will be forever blessed.
The other night dear, as you lay sleeping—
we held your hand and held you tight.
We closed our eyes dear and drifted off to—
the days before you faced this fight.

Before your birth dear, in Mama’s belly—
Dear Daddy sang a song to you.
‘And baby now that I’ve found you, I won’t let you go—
I’ll build my world around you, I need you so’.
You were born dear, one day in May—
and we held you in our arms.
With those blue eyes, you gazed upon us—
and with joyous tears we cried.

Our Angel Sunshine, our Angel Sunshine—
you’ve brought such happiness to us.
For seven years now, we’ve grown to love you—
and our lives will be forever blessed.
Our Princess Angel, loved Cinderella—
she loved rainbows and butterflies.
Her favorite color was Princess pink—
and she had sparkles in her eyes.

When Angel giggled, it was contagious—
the sweetest sound you ever heard.
And when she smiled, you smiled with her—
for that smile would light up the world.
Our Princess Angel, would sign ‘I Love You’—
one of the ways she showed her love.
And when she wrapped her arms around you—
it was the whole world’s greatest hug.

Our Angel Sunshine, our Angel Sunshine—
you’ve brought such happiness to us.
For seven years now, we’ve grown to love you—
and our lives will be forever blessed.
Our Angel Sunshine, you faced such hardship—
during a life that was too short..
You faced an illness, with such resilience—
you fought with passion, strength and spunk.

So many love you, you love so many—
it is so hard to let you go.
But we rejoice in, your angel wings now—
and in heaven as an Angel you will glow.
We come together, on this your seventh birthday—
as you earn your heavenly wings.
We stand together, here on Earth—
looking up while cherishing sweet memories.

Our Angel Sunshine, our Angel Sunshine—
you’ve brought such happiness to us.
For the rest of our days we will love you—
and one day we’ll meet again at heavens gates..

Angel Gail Watson
May, 20 2004 – May 18, 2011
Written with love by Lauri Halterman

There are no words to describe the incredible spirit of this young girl.
She touched so many lives in her short life.
She fought cancer with strength, grit and beautiful smiles.
Her spirit and her love lives on in the hearts of all who loved her.
I'm blessed to have been touched by her.

We love you Angel.....forever and always....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Wonder

                              Photo from Google Images

Hail to the raindrops
and iced covered pretty lakes;
Snow fogged up mountains
and lash licking snow flakes.

Hail to the bear cubs
snuggled cozy in slumber;
curled up next to mama bear,
the safest place to lumber.

Hail to those pretty trees
with their leaves still green.
An evergreen in winter land
is a such beautiful scene.

Hail to the young tykes
and as well to the old;
Playing football in the snow,
making snow angels in the cold.

Hail to the winters blessings
soaking into winter ground.
Your efforts will bring beauty
when Spring comes around.

Hail to this winter season
and to this very moment,
And mostly, to Mother Earth,
for she's the crucial component.

*winters blessings to all*

That being said....c'mon Spring!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Byrdie - Fly Home

Linda Kay was born one day in Nineteen Thirty-Nine.
As the fourth child of twelve in all she proudly took her place in line.
Vohnell, Herbert and Jerry came first, followed by Linda Kay.
She brought such joy to life; each day to her was a blessed day.

Charles and Larry joined them next. then Deloris and Mary came too.
Shelia and Phillip; Myrna and Betsey—oh, how their family grew.
The stories and laughter shared by all made memories along the way.
We'd like to share a story or two about our beloved Linda Kay.

A younger Kay once tricked her way out of getting mason jars clean.
She said, "You should do it" to younger Dee, because your hands are smaller and lean.
A trip once to the Memphis Hospital led to her meeting Elvis - The King!
The right time and the right place—so lucky to be in that hospital wing.

The story of Elvis and others too, she told her tales and they were many.
She used her imagination well and could spin a story, even out of a penny!
Niece Teresa remembers Aunt Kay on an Arkansas trip of blackberry picking.
And has memories of river float trips too, plus family reunions with talking and sitting.

Dishing out love in food and hugs her potato salad was the best.
Yet her special ingredient was TLC, which made it a step above the rest.
Kay never met a stranger and her heart was filled with such love.
She made you feel so special, like God had sent her to you from above.

She loved her God and read her bible and she even read Christian romances too.
She adored pink and red carnations; yet, give her a teddy bear - she'll forever love you!
In the Swift Ditch and the Current River she taught so many little ones to swim.
She loved cards; rummy, crazy 8's and Canasta and she played with a card sharks grin.

Niece Connie remembers dear Aunt Kay as the wind beneath her wings;
and she'll cherish every moment at her memorial as she sings.
Kay's time on Earth wasn't long enough and we hated to let her go.
We wanted to hang on to her, she had brightened our lives so.

Yet in the end we knew we must give her the wings she needed to fly.
We told her it was okay to go as we wiped the tears from our eyes.
Our Little Byrdie, fly on home, your mission here is through;
and while you rest in Heaven please remember, we love you.

In Memory of my dear friend Connie Lueke's Aunt Kay
Linda Kay Byrd
Oct. 2, 1939 - Jan. 22, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Momma Bird

                       Photo from Google Images 

Momma birds guide our young
and pray that we may teach them,
all they'll ever need to learn and grow.

But truth be told we must let go
and release our young to the wild,
even though it sometimes tortures us so.

Letting go and giving that push
breaks a mothers heart,
we only do it out of sheer despair.

Contrary to how it may feel
in the perception of some minds,
we only do it because we truly care.