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I've been writing poetry from the age of 12. It has, and always will be my outlet, my voice. Join me on my journey . . . I can write about almost anything. :) ~ Life doesn't come with a shiny new book; no users manual of answers to find with one look. Life comes with doors that open and shut; and paths laid before us to be followed or passed up. There's things we can learn and things we may teach; hearts that may find us and souls we may reach. Guaranteed on this journey are teacups of tears; and pains that might hurt us may age us by years. But the beauty of life, love, laughter and giving; come from serving hugs on a platter each and every day we're living. ~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Touch a Heart

First things first you must open your heart,
be willing to give right from the start.

Start your day looking up into the sky,
open your heart without asking why.

Soak up the love of a ray of sunlight,
skip into your day with a child like delight.

Look into those faces that pass you by;
smile openly at them when you catch their eye.

Be willing to hug those who seem to reach out,
don't hesitate or give pause due to doubt.

Subtleties speak just as loud as we listen,
a teardrop behind a sad eye may glisten.

A simple smile to a friend or a stranger,
may give hope to a soul who's faith is in danger.

So please take a moment to learn how to touch,
and reach out to a heart because it may mean so much.

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  1. This could NOT be more true!! Sometimes, something so simple as a smile - is the most powerful thing in the world!! So much hope there! thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us!!

  2. Very lovely How to post....hugs and smiles are your header too...bkm

  3. Such a true and inspiring piece Alaurilee. It seems if we learn simple things like these we could do so much more for people and society. Thank you for sahring such a thoughful poem.

  4. Alaurilee I just love this poem. Your sweet spirit comes out in all your beautiful poetry. I love the idea of how to touch a heart. Such a wonderful idea and poem! :-)


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