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I've been writing poetry from the age of 12. It has, and always will be my outlet, my voice. Join me on my journey . . . I can write about almost anything. :) ~ Life doesn't come with a shiny new book; no users manual of answers to find with one look. Life comes with doors that open and shut; and paths laid before us to be followed or passed up. There's things we can learn and things we may teach; hearts that may find us and souls we may reach. Guaranteed on this journey are teacups of tears; and pains that might hurt us may age us by years. But the beauty of life, love, laughter and giving; come from serving hugs on a platter each and every day we're living. ~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Skater Boy"

Tall and lean at seventeen,
he rocks his skinny jeans.
Puts on his globe skater shoes,
gets down to skating dreams.

With a Pluto's shirt upon his chest;
props to his favorite skate shop;
he tightens the skateboard up a bit,
lifts it up for a look, then lets it drop.

He flexes his feet and stretches out.
Adds a beanie hat on his skater boy hair,
toes the board and sets it up,
as he preps to hit some air.

Starts off simple with an ollie,
gives us a couple of kick flips,
then carves into the ground
before grinding into a varial kick.

He'll someday rock the skate circuit,
these are his dreams he says.
He'll even have big name sponsors
like Pluto Skate Shop and candy Pez.

He'll drink monster drinks all the time
and act in their commercials;
inspire youth groups at church,
with inspirational skateboard socials.

Share this path he's traveled,
along the journey to a dream;
the many hurdles and obstacles
and how tough they sometimes seem.

But surviving these very things,
he'll share this with them all;
is how you'll eventually prevail
and stand with pride real tall.
Inspired by a life prompt:
My son said, "Mom, write a poem about me being a skater" Here it is my boy!
From: @grnladybug 17 year old son Bry

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