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I've been writing poetry from the age of 12. It has, and always will be my outlet, my voice. Join me on my journey . . . I can write about almost anything. :) ~ Life doesn't come with a shiny new book; no users manual of answers to find with one look. Life comes with doors that open and shut; and paths laid before us to be followed or passed up. There's things we can learn and things we may teach; hearts that may find us and souls we may reach. Guaranteed on this journey are teacups of tears; and pains that might hurt us may age us by years. But the beauty of life, love, laughter and giving; come from serving hugs on a platter each and every day we're living. ~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Okay to Love You"

She hated to get her hopes up,
not again - it hurt too bad;
the excitement then disappointment
left her alone and feeling sad.

She wanted to have faith in love,
to believe in the possibility;
she wanted to embrace this chance
but she remembered a past reality.

She waited for that phone to ring
then let it ring a time or two;
she couldn't be too anxious,
to him it might show through.

She heard his voice and felt a spark
but still proceeded cautiously,
she knew that too much eagerness
could scare this chance away.

She thought the call went rather well
and even felt that spark ignite,
but when the call was over
she tucked away her feelings tight.

She heard a voice soon after
it took her breath away;
she'd never heard Gods voice before . . .
She heard him say, "This is okay."

She heard his voice so calmly say,
"It's okay to be excited . . .
This is the man for the rest of your life,
your hearts shall be united."

She heard his voice so softly say,
"Feel his love and let it grow.
Then give it back generously . . .
for he loves you for your soul."

Inspired by a twitter prompt
"I hadn't heard Gods voice until he told me it was okay to love you"
From: @MzFuller8
Jess told me a personal story that accompanied the above personal quote:
Jess had heard a voice of calm & peacefulness right after she talked to Eric (her husband) for the first time on the phone. She was dead set on not getting her hopes up but she believed God's voice told her, "No! It's okay this time. Be excited! This is the rest of your life.


  1. Im so glad you liked it! I was totally feeling it and was all bouncy when it was unveiling it on the paper...


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